Coco Austin comes under fire for bathing daughter (6) in sink 2 months ago

Coco Austin comes under fire for bathing daughter (6) in sink

Coco Austin has been hit with backlash.

Coco Austin has come under fire for bathing her 6-year-old daughter in the sink.

The mum posted a video of her daughter Chanel in the sink on her Instagram. She explained that she often washes her daughter in the sink because it saves her time.

However, the 'time-saving hack' has been met with waves of backlash.

The mum shared, "Getting ready for Patricia Field fashion show – First bath time."

"The sink is easiest when you have to be fast," she explained.

"We only had an hour to get ready and figure out what to wear," Coco added.

The mum may have thought the hack was a great idea, but her followers didn't agree with her.

Many pointed out that her daughter was far too old to be washed in the sink.


Others said they used to occasionally bathe their babies in the sink, but it isn't suitable for a 6-year-old child.

One of Coco's followers said, "I think she is a bit too old for the sink! If she can put her lil heels on, she can get I. The shower or bath tube. I understand it’s your only child, but she’s growing up and something’s aren’t for the world to see, such as her in the bath."

Another added, "I'm finding it difficult not to see how unhygienic that is."

"How is it okay to bath a baby, let alone a child, in the sink where you wash the dishes you eat out of?"

Another pointed out that there were way too many electrical devices near the sink when Coco was in it.

"Am I the only one that noticed the electronics? Electronics and water don't go together."