This Cocomelon toy has become this year's most popular Christmas gift 1 week ago

This Cocomelon toy has become this year's most popular Christmas gift

This CoComelon doll is flying off the shelves.

Has anyone else been hiding Smyth's bags in the back of their wardrobe and under their bed?

Christmas is approaching and we've got a shopping list the length of M50.

Is it just us or does the Christmas shopping list get longer every year?

We have far too many gifts to buy and we're honestly afraid to check the bank.

One gift that seems to be on every parent's Christmas shopping list is, unsurprisingly, CoComelon themed.

The J.J Bedtime Plush doll has become the most sought-after Christmas toy this year. It is selling out in stores across the country and we're not surprised.

The cute doll brings CoComelon nursery rhymes to life. The soft plush toy is inspired by one of the show's most popular characters J.J.


J.J is ready for bed in his iconic onesie, clutching his favourite teddy bear pillow plush. This bedtime friend plays 7 sounds and phrases as well as the "YesYes Bedtime" song.

If this toy is on your kid's Christmas list then you best hurry up.

Parents are reportedly struggling to find the popular plush doll but fear not.

Smyths still has plenty available on their online, but be quick. This popular toy will definitely fly off the shelves this Christmas.

The CoComelon Bedtime JJ Doll is suitable for kids over 18 months.

The CoComelon Bedtime JJ Doll is available in Smyths, Argos, and toy stores.