The Late Late Show lineup for tomorrow is a pretty good one 1 year ago

The Late Late Show lineup for tomorrow is a pretty good one


Have you seen The Lobster? 

Have you seen Phonebooth? What about In Bruges or Intermission or the critically acclaimed Widows? 

You probably have.

The one thing those films have in common, apart from being very good watches, is that they've all got Colin Farrell in them - and tomorrow night, so does The Late Late Show, so hooray.

The Dublin actor will be on the talkshow tomorrow to discuss the time he has spent working with DEBRA Ireland - a charity providing support and raising awareness for those who live with skin condition Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).

The condition causes patients' skin to become extremely fragile and blister easily, leading to most people needing to wrap themselves in bandages to protect wounds and to stop damage.

Farrell will be joined on the sofa by EB sufferer Emma Fogarty and the pair will discuss their growing friendship due to the actor's work with the charity, and what it's like to live with the condition.

Also on the show tomorrow will be everybody's favourite RTE News icon, Bryan Dobson.

Dobbo will be chatting to Ryan about the year in general, focusing on some of the more poignant images of 2018 news-wise.

With the Big Day (Christmas) just around the corner, James Kavanagh and William Murray will also be on hand to talk all things turkey and festive season sides.

A master brewer from the Artisan Brew Academy in Dublin will be chatting about beer, and a pig farmer will be chatting about pigs.


RTÉ culture editor Derek O'Connor will also be talking to Ryan about losing his wife to cancer in 2016, and how he and his three children have coped.

Music from the Palestrina Choir, and John Gibbons featuring Nina Nesbitt.