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16th Apr 2015

Company claims new female condom design boasts 100% orgasm rate

Is this the shape of things to come?

Katie Mythen-Lynch

A US company has invented a female condom they claim induced an orgasm in 100 per cent of testers.

Michigan-based IXu is hoping the VA w.o.w., which can be inserted up to eight hours before sex and is effective against pregnancy and STIs, will hit the market in Europe within 18 months.

The design features a small controllable electronic ‘vibe’ encased in the strategically-located outer frame of the condom.


In tests involving 50 couples, 70 per cent of women achieved orgasm the first time they used the new condom. By the fourth use, that figure had rocketed to 100 per cent.

IXü CEO Brian Osterberg says, “This is a major step to speed up female condom innovation. We have definitive data showing female condoms with electronic vibe devices attached are extremely ‘agreeable’ to users.”