Cork children rapping about climate change becomes a huge hit in America 2 years ago

Cork children rapping about climate change becomes a huge hit in America

This is brilliant.

With the general election tomorrow one of the main issues being talked about is climate change.

Schools and students across the country have been holding school strikes for the last year in a bid to get the government to open up their eyes to the climate emergency.

A group of children in Cork decided to add to this by writing and performing a rap that is so good it has broke in the United States.

These Students in Ireland Wrote a Rap About the Climate Crisis

Listen to these kidsā€™ šŸ”„ rap about combating the climate crisis

Posted by NowThis on Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Students at Cappabue N.S in CorkĀ made the video with the help of producer Garry McCarthy of award-winning Cork City based music collective GMC Beats.


The children mention little ways in which we can help tackle climate change and pollution including car pooling to cut down on the amount of car emissions, shopping locally and washing up the dishes by and rather than using the dishwasher, saving on electricity.

The video was first featured on CorkBeo but has now gone on to be a smash in the United States with over 18,000 views on American website NowThis.

Many who viewed the video were highly impressed with the children's determination to help this important cause and their talent in coming up with the rap.

"This is fantastic to raise a awareness and spreading the message. Well done all the kids and the teachers of making an effort."

"This is truly amazing and I loved every second of it."

"As Swedish teenager, Greta Thunberg, said "No one is too small to make a difference."

It's wonderful to see the younger generation becoming aware of climate change and the need to readjust how we do things so that we create less waste and less pollution.

All of this starts with small changes like the children mention in the video. If we all take small steps individually it will lead to big changes overall collectively.