Coronation Street are going to be introducing a new family this spring 10 months ago

Coronation Street are going to be introducing a new family this spring

There's a brand new family moving to Weatherfield this spring, as Coronation Street will introduce the Baileys.

The family - Edison (or Ed), Aggie, and their sons Michael and James - will be moving into No. 3, having bought the house from Norris.

They'll be appearing on our telly screens (and walking into Weatherfield) from early June.

Coronation Street producer Iain MacLeod said:

"I am really excited to introduce this new family - the audience is going to love them! They’re funny, warm and will pull together through thick and thin as we play out the stories we’ve got lined up for them.

"Parents Edison and Aggie are soulmates who, underneath the banter, will stick up for each other and defend their boys when the going gets tough.

"Eldest son Michael is an exuberant, loveable dreamer with a huge heart and is the glue that holds the family together. James is Michael’s younger brother and best mate, who is a sensitive lad with a secret that he fears will throw his family into turmoil and impact on his career.

"The four actors we’ve cast are all individually brilliant but together they have a truly incredible chemistry. I can’t wait for them to hit the screen!"

Mum Aggie, who works as a pharmacy assistant, is described as being "friendly, fun and outrageous in equal measures."

The description continues:

"Aggie’s energy and vivacity is something Edison never stops complaining about but you only have to see the way he looks at her to know he’s still deeply in love with his wife."

When Edison arrives on the cobbles,  he and Michael have already bought the builder’s yard from the Grimshaws.

He's a former property developer turned builder who "works hard but also knows how to play hard".

The description continues:

"He’s a no nonsense kind of bloke who has made his own way in life. Edison is definitely one of the lads, loves a pint, banter, and is always up for a laugh."

Michael, the eldest son, is a man full of big ideas and get-rich-quick schemes.

The 27-year-old "relies on his cheeky-chappy charm and is endlessly optimistic, especially in his relationships which haven’t always worked out for him in the past."

He's the apple of his mum's eye, and super protective of his younger brother - although James may actually be the more mature of the two of them....

James is Edison's pride and joy, "a truly talented footballer already playing for Weatherfield County."

The description continues:

"He’s good-looking but more brooding than Michael and can need coaxing out of his shell. He’s as dedicated to his dreams as Michael is to his but more quiet, modest and hard-working.

"James is living with a secret he’s scared to share, how will his family and team mates react when they find out James is gay?"

The family will soon make themselves at home after they arrive in Weatherfield later this year. And while things may start off a bit bumpy at first - and they initially may rub a few people the wrong way - they soon become firm favourites in the community.