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10th Nov 2018

Coronation Street fans in stitches after Leanne’s comments about Steve

Keeley Ryan

It was called the “line of the century.”

Coronation Street fans were stunned last night when Leanne Battersby realised she could be pregnant with Steve McDonald’s baby.

The pair welcomed their son, Oliver, in February last year after a short-lived fling. And Leanne was worried that history may have been repeating itself after she and Steve slept together before his wedding to Tracy Barlow.

To make things even more awkward, scenes saw her spill her suspicions to her ex, Nick Tilsley – who walked out on her last year after he struggled to become terms with Steve being Oliver’s dad.

Tonight’s episode saw Nick confront her about her tryst with Steve, and it all became too much for Leanne.

“What business is it of yours?,” she demanded, before calling Steve the “latest in a long list of disasters” she had created for herself.

She continued:

“I’m so stupid, I can’t believe I’m here again. I think I might be pregnant.

“I feel sick, I can’t believe this could be happening again. Oliver was a miracle the first time round. How am I going to manage with another baby on my wage?

“And what will I say to Toyah? She’s spent all this time trying to get pregnant and then her slapper of a sister manages to defy the odds twice.

“Has Steve got bionic sperm or summat? Someone needs to chop his …”

Nick tried to reassure her that the was going to be there for her, and that his leaving had been the “biggest regret of my life” – before the test came back negative.

But all viewers could talk about was Leanne’s comments about Steve and his “bionic sperm.”