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17th Dec 2019

Corrie fans are all wondering the same thing about Vicky after last night’s episode

Keeley Ryan

Coronation Street fans finally found out what happened to Vicky Jefferies last night.

The last time viewers saw Vicky on-screen was when she had an angry row with Robert in the lead up to his and Michelle’s wedding.

The then-groom-to-be assured Michelle that Vicky wouldn’t around to ruin their wedding – and it turns out he was right…

Vicky has been missing, and feared dead, since Michelle jilted Robert at the altar. Her son, Tyler, stormed the ceremony and demanded to know what happened to his mum.

Fans had long suspected that Vicky and Michelle were working together to try and make Robert pay for his cheating  – and it turns out they were right.

Vicky finally reappeared at the end of Monday night’s dramatic double-bill, as Michelle paid her a visit at a run down hotel.

And it turns out that Tyler is also in on the plan.

“It’s Tyler. Police have been in touch, Robert’s been charged with GBH. So if we’ve done our job properly, he’ll be done for murdering me,” Vicky told Michelle.

“Serves him right – low-life scumbag. Just goes to show, he shouldn’t have messed with us.”

However, viewers quickly picked up on a pretty big flaw in their plan: Vicky is very, very heavily pregnant – and her ‘death’ is going to be difficult to maintain when she goes into labour.