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09th Mar 2019

Corrie fans worried Rana Habeeb may be in some serious danger

Keeley Ryan

From the last person she, or her fiancée Kate, suspected.

Coronation Street fans reckon Rana Habeeb may be in some serious danger amid reports of tragedy on her wedding day to Kate Conor.

Bhavna Limbachia – the actress who has played Rana since 2016 – confirmed she would be exiting the long running soap in late January.

In a message shared on Twitter, she thanked fans for support as she confirmed that her “journey at Coronation Street will be coming to an end.”

The full details about her exit are being kept under wraps at the moment, although it has been rumoured that Rana will die on her wedding day to Kate Connor.

This has led fans to wonder if Weatherfield newcomer Lolly – Kate’s recently-returned best friend from school, who has been meddling in Kate and Rana’s wedding plans – could have something to do with her death.

It comes as Faye Brooks – who plays Kate – warned that Kate and Rana should be “really worried” after they get on Lolly’s bad side next week.

She told Digital Spy

“Lolly is really dangerous. She is very clever and very manipulative and Kate and Rana don’t know the half of what she is capable of.

“They should be really worried – and they make a shocking discovery that could ruin the wedding after they have sent her packing.”