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12th Apr 2018

Corrie viewers were very confused by what Toyah ordered in the cafe last night

Jade Hayden

Vegan omelette, yeah? Sound.

It wouldn’t be a new day without another mild Coronation Street blunder.

And who can blame them, really? They release about 80 episodes a week so it’s fairly likely that one or two or all of them are going to have a gaffe or two.

Understandably, last nights episode was no different.

And we’re not judging, we just saying.

At the beginning of last nights double bill, Toyah arrives into Roy’s Rolls cafe, orders herself an omelette, and hangs out with Peter for a bit.

All standard occurrences, you might think… and you would be correct if it weren’t for one small detail – Toyah’s vegan and vegans don’t eat eggs.

Or cheese. Or bacon. Or any of the other things that are present in omelettes that also come from animals.

Now, to play devil’s advocate for a second – how do we know that Roy’s Rolls aren’t serving a top of the line vegan egg-replacement for their plant-based customers?

Because it’s Roy’s Rolls.

That’s why.

Anyway, a lot of people picked up on the fact that seemingly vegan Toyah decided to order herself some eggs on the fly.

They took to Twitter to express that they had noticed this. Because where else are we supposed to filter every thought we have in the world, ever?

Sometimes people become not-vegan-anymore guys, calm down like.