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23rd Feb 2018

Corrie fans have figured out Pat Phelan’s next victim

Could they be on to something?

As Coronation Street fans know all too well, Pat Phelan has been wreaking havoc in Weatherfield for the last few months.

He’s been described as the worst villain to ever appear on the Manchester-based soap and now viewers think they’ve worked out who his next victim will be.

It looks like Seb could next to face Phelan’s wrath as he and Nicola have been working together in an attempt to take the murderer down.

Last night’s episode went up a notch as Phelan visited the apartment where Seb is now living alone.

Nicola recently moved back to Pat’s house in an attempt to fool him that she and him are getting on better than ever.

As fans of the show know, Nicola is Pat’s daughter. He wants them to have a happy relationship and believes that could happen with Seb out of the picture.

Little does he know that she is using that against him in a bid to expose him for his evil ways, with the help of Seb.

Later in the episode, Seb and Nicola realised that Pat had gotten into their flat and spied on Seb, who was there alone.

It looks very much like he could be the next victim of Pat’s evil ways and fans are freaking out…