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04th Jul 2018

Corrie viewers threaten to stop watching the show if Eccles dies

Jade Hayden


Coronation Street producers have made a lot of shit happen over the past few decades.

They killed Mike Baldwin. They caused that tram to crash into the street and kill everyone. They made Roy Cropper do a dive roll over a fence.

Harrowing stuff.

However, the latest stunt the producers have pulled is the most painful, the most tragic, and the most unnecessary plot line to have ever graced Weatherfield since Pat Phelan swam to Ireland.

Because they’ve poisoned Eccles the dog – and people are devastated.

What happened was Tyler decided he wanted to get some revenge on the Barlows after Simon ratted him out for attacking Flora.

But instead of taking this situation up with a human being like a normal person would, Tyler decided to go for Ken’s dog, Eccles.

How very dare he.

Tyler laced some sausages (dogs love sausages) with slug pellets and threw them under the gate to Eccles.

The pooch was then seen having a bit of a sniff and potentially a munch around the sausages, suggesting that he consumed them and the poison within them.

Corrie viewers didn’t take this news lightly though and took it upon themselves to announce that they would stop watching the show if Eccles died.

Bit dramatic but OK.

Don’t blame them, in fairness.