Couple criticised for making six-year-old daughter cry in 'prank' Youtube video 3 years ago

Couple criticised for making six-year-old daughter cry in 'prank' Youtube video

A US couple have apologised after making their young daughter cry with an April Fool's Day prank in a Youtube video.

Youtubers Cole and Savannah LaBrant filmed six-year-old Eveleigh's reaction as they told her they had to give away the family dog, Carl.

In the video, Cole prompts the little girl to tell the camera what was wrong.

Everleigh is sobbing and unable to get her words out and so Savannah explains that they can't take care of the pet anymore as they're too busy.

"We feel bad, we feel he needs someone who can take him outside more often," she says.

"We just feel like there's a better home for him right now."

Cole adds; "We're going to let her give him away to whoever she wants".

They eventually admit to the prank, as Cole says; "The last thing we wanted to tell you, is tomorrow is April Fool's. We're keeping Carl!"


The couple, who have nine million followers on Youtube, posted the video of Monday.

It's been watched over two million times - but has caused controversy among viewers.

Cole and Savannah have been heavily criticised, with some calling the video 'cruel' and 'exploitative'.

The couple have since posted another video explaining their actions and apologising.

Savannah acknowledged the backlash, saying that they'd seen "crazy mean comments that are getting to us as parents."

"We have apologised the Everleigh," said Savannah.

"We film our whole lives, that what we signed up for. We thought about not putting it up there but this was just real.

"And honestly we thought it was a little funny," Cole interjected.

"It was a bad judgement call.

"We do apologise for our misjudgement. We will be better."