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18th Oct 2018

Couple ‘held hostage’ for hospital fees after newborn dies on holiday

Jade Hayden

A couple have been told they cannot leave the country until they pay their hospital fees after their newborn baby died while on holiday.

Chloe and Michael were travelling in the Dominican Republic when the mum-to-be noticed “something wrong down there.”

She spoke to a midwife who urged the couple to go to the hospital.

Chloe needed an emergency C-section and although she was told that her insurance wouldn’t cover the cost, she was operated on.

The British couple’s baby, Arlo, passed away soon after he was born on Sunday, October 14. Chloe and Michael were told that their child’s remains would be disposed of unless they paid a €4,000 fee for a funeral director.

They were then told that their medical fees had increased to €20,000 and that they would not be permitted to leave the country until they had paid.

A GoFundMe set up for the couple reads:

“They physically do not have that kind of money nor can they access that easily.
“Chloe and Michael asked if they would allow them to pay in instalments and the hospital refused, keeping them in a room surrounded by security and police. Chloe’s four year old daughter was with them the whole time, I can’t imagine how scared she must have felt.”
According to the page, the couple had to hand over their passports so they were allowed to go back to their hotel room.
Chloe asked the hospital to provide her with signed proof where she said she could pay the bills, but the hospital refused.
They also “dismissed” the death of their son, Arlo, and allegedly told the couple to “try again.”
“They are in an impossible position,” the GoFundMe goes on.
“Their hearts are breaking and they cannot grieve for their baby boy. If anyone can help in any way at all they will be eternally grateful.”
The goal for the couple’s expenses has already been reached.
Feature image via GoFundMe.