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22nd May 2017

Court battle ensues as dad insists on naming son after Darth Vader

It’s not your typical court battle between parents, but nonetheless there’s a first for everything.

One dad in Australia was not going to settle for any old common name for his little boy—oh no. He was adamant his name would be something special, namely ‘Vader’, after non-other than the Star Wars iconic villain.


After reaching an agreement with the boy’s mum not to call him Vader by first name, dad then insisted on that being the child’s middle name. This is the point where the court battle began as the boy’s mother suggested a name more suited to her child’s European/African heritage.

It seems dad didn’t win this particular battle, but he did achieve his bid, in a Family Court in Sydney, to have his son bare his last name before he heads to Europe to live with his mum. We suppose that’s more reasonable alright.