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26th Oct 2019

Courteney Cox and David Beckham are sharing a hot tub, and other things you definitely needed to see today

Jade Hayden


Courteney Cox and David Beckham have been caught sharing a hot tub and if that wasn’t enough to get you to click right in here then I don’t know what would be.

The unlikely pair were hanging out in some bubbles this week – not just because they felt like it, but because they are both appearing as guest stars on the upcoming and final series of Modern Family. 


“Too hot in the hot tub!” the Friends actor wrote on her Instagram this week, as she shared a photo of herself and Beckham having a lovely time of it.

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Too hot in the hot tub! #modernfamily

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People were understandably delighted by the event and they took it upon themselves to share their elation all over Courteney’s Instagram.

Entertainment Tonight recently reported that the duo will be playing themselves in the upcoming season, as the family engages in a celebrity bowling tournament.

The entire debacle seems to end up involving: “80s aerobics classes, a terrifying pool slide, and three side-by-side hot tubs.”

David also shared a photo of himself and Courteney on his gram, saying that he ran into a “FRIEND” in work.

Get it? Friend?


The final series of Modern Family will air in 2020.