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24th Mar 2020

#Covid-19: Unemployment payments will be increased to €350 per week

Cathy Donohue

The Covid-19 unemployment payment will be increased from €203 to €350 per week.

This affects people who have been made redundant from their jobs as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Today, the government announced a National COVID-19 Income Support Scheme which includes a number of different measures.

In a bid to help companies directly impacted by Covid-19 to keep paying their employees, a temporary wage subsidy of 70 percent of take home pay will be provided.

This is up to a maximum weekly tax free amount of €410 per week and is the equivalent of €500 per week before tax.

The Covid-19 illness payment will also be increased to €350 per week.

Although there is no exact date as of yet, it is hoped that these payments will start as early as next week.

It’s estimated that the scheme will cost in the region of €3.7 billion and has been put in place for a 12-week period.

Full details of the new scheme are available here with the measures taken to help “Irish citizens and families during this period of great economic and social stress”.