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21st Jan 2018

Dad arrested after footage shows him ‘throwing newborn into bin’

He thought the baby was 'incurable.'

Jade Hayden


A new dad was arrested after footage showed him throwing a newborn baby into a bin.

The unnamed Chinese man is alleged to have placed the baby girl in a paper bag and put her in a dumpster in Xuanwei on January 15.

Police have stated that man and the baby’s mother thought the child was “incurable” because she had turned blue.

Local news source Yunnan Daily reports that CCTV showed the man placing the baby into a bin.

Different footage then showed an elderly woman holding the baby after rescuing her from the dumpster.

The baby’s father told police that his girlfriend has given birth in their home after complaining about stomach pains.

She was eight months pregnant.

Following the incident, both of the baby’s parents were arrested.

The baby girl is said to be in good health. She has since been transported to a local orphanage.

Images via Yunnan Daily.