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20th Feb 2018

Dad gave up his job to be a children’s hairdresser and now makes insane money

Jade Hayden

Fair play.

David O’Neal is a dad-of-two from Milton Keynes.

He used to work as a banker, but after he didn’t get the promotion he was gunning for, he decided to give it all up to become a children’s hairdresser.

The decision, as it turns out, was a good one, because now 32-year-old David makes £650,000 (€737, 685) every year.

Not bad for a lad who went from handling money to handling lots of hair.

David told The Sun that after he quit his job, he trained as a barber.

He also realised that if children have something to do while they’re getting their hair cut, they’ll enjoy it a lot more.

He said:

“I was working in retail banking, it was a very secure job and I was making £32,000 a year.

“I came up with the idea of just giving them (his children) a PlayStation or putting on a movie while doing the job and they loved it.”

David has two sons, an eleven-year-old and an eight-year-old who both hated getting their hair cut, which is where he got his idea for his salon, Shortcuts.

The dad now has nine salons open around the UK.

So fair play to him, really.