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14th Apr 2021

Dad who gave daughter’s friend a pad at sleepover called a creep- was he wrong?

Kat O'Connor

“Her friend won’t be coming over anymore because of me”

A father has been called a creep after he allowed his daughter’s friend to use sanitary products that were in his house.

The dad explained that his daughter was having a sleepover with one of her friends when the young girl got her period.

The dad separated from his ex-wife when their daughter was born. His ex sees their daughter monthly, but she lives with her dad as her school is closer to his house.

With his daughter living with him full-time, the dad was very aware of the monthly period.

“I’m very aware of the monthly period. I went out and bought my daughter a ton of products that she can choose from. I sent her a few videos to watch as well to avoid any issues.”

His daughter got her period two months ago and the dad said she was relieved to have everything she needed.

“One of her friends came over for a sleepover and during the night, I heard screaming. I woke up and ran into my daughter’s room,” he shared.

“Her friend started crying and my daughter tried to explain what was going on. She then showed her friend where the products were and everything calmed down,” he added.

However, the next day the young girl’s mum was less than impressed with the father.

He explained, “Her friend’s mom came to pick her up in the morning and I informed her in small detail what happened. Her mother started scolding me for being a creep and should be ashamed of myself.”

“Her friend won’t be coming over anymore because of me,” the dad added.

Do you think the dad was wrong?

He wasn’t being a creep, he was being a good parent.