Dad slated for bringing his daughters into McDonald's women's toilets 11 months ago

Dad slated for bringing his daughters into McDonald's women's toilets

Was he wrong?

A woman has called out a father for bringing his daughters into the women's toilet in McDonald's.

She said she was using the bathroom when the man entered with his children. She believed they were aged 4 and 6.

Speaking on Mumsnet, she revealed: "He stands waiting while his daughters are using the toilet. I came out and said you are not supposed to be in here."

"He said he had to take his daughters to the loo and I told him that he needed to either wait outside or take them the men's."

However, the dad said the men's toilet isn't an appropriate place for two small girls.


"I told him that he shouldn't be hanging round in women's toilets for any reason.

"His sense of entitlement gave me the rage so I told a member of staff. I can only imagine how triggering that could be for some women."

Despite her outrage, many women said she was in the wrong.

"I get your point, and yes he probably should have waited outside. But personally, it wouldn't have bothered me. It's not like he's able to see anything when people are in the stalls. I think young girls seeing men using the urinals feels more off."

Another agreed, "If mum isn’t around, what else is a dad to do? I disagree completely that he should have taken them into the men's room because men's rooms have urinals so little girls would be seeing men's penises."

Do you think the dad did the right thing?