Mum called out for dangerous Elf on the Shelf prank 5 months ago

Mum called out for dangerous Elf on the Shelf prank

Coming up with new ideas with Elf on the Shelf is not easy but maybe avoid this one.

One mum has been criticised for her dangerous Elf on the Shelf prank.

She posted about what she thought was a witty and clever idea on TikTok but was soon hit with backlash over it.

In the video, the mum cuts her children's pyjamas with scissors. She then shows the Elf on the Shelf using the scraps of clothes as a blanket.

The Elf made a sign that said "I was cold and couldn't find a blanket, I hope you don't mind".

The kids are asleep when she cuts into the pyjamas they're wearing.

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Many parents have called her out for being so careless. Others said their children would have freaked out if they woke up and found their clothes cut up.

One woman said the mum could have cut her children with the scissors. What if they had moved in their sleep or woken up when she had the scissors in her hand?


Others said the dangerous prank was a step too far.

One mum wrote, "I would be terrified of the elf of the shelf as a child if I knew he was cutting up my clothes in my sleep."

Another said the prank would freak kids out and could traumatise them.

"You’re scaring me how you’re just cutting them without lifting the section before cutting. Luckily you didn’t cut skin," another mum said.

People also said cutting up perfectly good clothes wasn't the wisest idea. One person said, "Cutting up good clothes you could have given to the homeless during this cold season."

"I hope everyone doing this doesn't accidentally cut their babies," another said.

It's probably wise to avoid an Elf on the Shelf prank like this.