Danielle Lloyd wants to meet the trolls who target her kids online 4 years ago

Danielle Lloyd wants to meet the trolls who target her kids online

Danielle Lloyd has opened up about the abuse she and her family face at the hands of online trolls.

Speaking on ITV's Lorraine this morning, Danielle revealed some of the abusive comments she has received, including ones saying she looked like a man.

"She looks wrecked and trashy, her face is monstrous and frightful and she looks like a bloke."

The buying led the former glamour model to get fillers in her face, she added, but said that the 'vile attacks' against her children are what get to her most.

Danielle is mum to four boys - Archie (7), Harry (6), George (3) and six-month-old Ronnie.

"To go after a child - it’s absolutely disgusting. As an older person you can sometimes take it a little bit better," she told host Lorraine Kelly.

"There has to be something wrong with you to go after a child like that.


"I’d love to come face to face with these people to see if they will say it to my face."

Danielle also wants to see a change in the law to end cyberbullying and online abuse.

"Obviously it needs to be more talked about.

"It happens to so many people in the country, in the world, maybe a law against it. Something needs to happen."

In an Instagram post later this morning, she thanked her fans for their positive response to her appearance on the show.

"I feel like I let myself down by changing myself after being bullied about my looks but I'm now determined to fight back," she wrote.

"Soon I'll be launching my own campaign to beat the trolls, otherwise known as 'virtual mobbing'."

She called on her followers to share their own stories of cyberbullying.