David Beckham is criticised for kissing daughter Harper on the lips – again 4 months ago

David Beckham is criticised for kissing daughter Harper on the lips – again

Have people nothing better to do?

If you ask me, there is nothing more lovely than seeing parents and children show their love by hugging and kissing. I mean – can you get any more pure and real and heartfelt?

However, there are clearly some people who have issues when it comes to parents kissing their kids on the lips – as David Beckham has come to learn – again and again.

The father of four has come under scrutiny before kissing his children on the lips – as has his wife, Victoria.

Most lately, the criticism was for kissing his daughter, Harper Seven.

Earlier this week, adorable the dad-daughter-duo were out for a stroll and took some fun selfies – and David then decided to share the heartwarming moment to his Instagram account.


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Et innlegg delt av David Beckham (@davidbeckham)

The adorable father-daughter duo was snapped taking a walk in the park and sharing a heartwarming moment.


David accompanied the photo of his daughter with the adoring caption: ‘Daddy and Princess Leia had a lovely walk this morning.’

However, seeing the second snap, followers were quick to pounce:

"She is a big girl now time for you to stop kissing her on the lips" one disgruntled commenter exclaimed.

"Why do you kiss your daughter on the lips? It’s weird and inappropriate" another aggrieved fan continued.

However, not everyone felt the same, and others were quick to come to the former soccer star's defence.

"The most wonderful thing in the world- love between father and daughter," one follower wrote.

"I love that you always kiss after that ridiculous media attack about children kissing daddies!" another one added.

It seems Beckham cares very little about how fans feel about him showing his love and affection towards his daughter, and continues to share images of himself and his children hugging, kissing and hanging out together.

And can we just – the Beckhams look like one close-knit family for sure!

When do you think is too old to kiss on the lips?