Day five of a desperate search: missing mother and her 'at risk' sons 5 years ago

Day five of a desperate search: missing mother and her 'at risk' sons

A missing mother poses significant 'risk' to her nine and six-year-old sons - and an abduction inquiry has now been launched.

Samantha Baldwin, 42, does not have custody of her boys, and the three have not been since Monday - the same day a court ordered they should be removed from her care.

A missing persons appeal was launched on Tuesday. Police in England have now released fresh CCTV footage in a bid to find her and her two children.

In a statement Nottingham Family Court said: "It is assumed that she has abducted Louis and Dylan. The children have now been made wards of court. Miss Baldwin is considered to pose a risk of harm to the children."

On Friday, Nottinghamshire police said officers were growing "increasingly concerned" for the children's welfare and safety.


Two women aged 62 and 36 were arrested earlier this week on suspicion of assisting an offender but they have now been released on bail.

Irish authorities have also been made aware of the case as Samantha could attempt to escape her native UK across the water; all ports, airports and railway stations have been alerted.

Police added that they are "pursuing relentlessly our search for these two boys". They are also making direct appeal to the mother-of-two "to do the right thing and return the boys safe and well".