Dealz urgently recalls popular children's doll amid chemical fears 3 months ago

Dealz urgently recalls popular children's doll amid chemical fears

Nearly 19,000 dolls were sold in Dealz stores in Ireland.

Thousands of dolls have been recalled by Dealz because of chemical fears.

The popular store is recalling the Bella City Chic doll.

It is understood that the doll has an "unacceptable chemical risk".

Nearly 19,000 dolls are being recalled because of chemical concerns.

These chemicals have been classified as unsafe for children.

Parents have been advised to stop letting their children play with the dolls immediately.

The affected dolls' product code is 452987 and the batch number is 2007. You can find the batch number on the back of the packaging.

Dealz recall


The CCPC also shared the barcode -5054110024185. However, the brand is unknown.

The CCPC has urged parents to take the dolls away from their children.

They should also return them to Dealz stores where they can get a full refund.

It stated: “Dealz are asking any consumers who purchased the dolls to return the product in store for a full refund.

“The risk associated with the product is a chemical risk.

“The product contains unacceptable levels of a chemical that are classified as unsafe for young children.”

If you require further assistance you can contact the customer care line.

However, it is closed on bank holidays so call before St. Patrick's Day if you need urgent assistance.

The CCPC shared, "The customer care line is 189 093 0843 (ROI). Monday – Saturday, 9am to 5pm GMT, Closed Sunday and Bank Holidays.”