Did You Read The Worst Witch As A Kid? You'll Love This! 4 years ago

Did You Read The Worst Witch As A Kid? You'll Love This!

Were you a fan of The Worst Witch series of books back in the day? Rather unbelievably, Jill Murphy’s pre-Hogwarts stories about the jinxed Mildred Hubble was first published in 1974. Mildred might now be over 40 but she's about to make a comeback...

Controller Cheryl Taylor has commissioned an ambitious re-imagining of the much loved Jill Murphy books which will be appearing on the children's channel from the 11th of January 2017. A new generation will now be able to see Mildred catapulted (quite literally) head first into Miss Cackle’s Academy For Witches.

Mildred, who doesn’t come from a family of witches, is enjoying a normal day when a witch called Maud Spellbody lands on her apartment balcony on her way to the selection day at Cackle’s Academy. Persuaded by Maud to go along too, Mildred is introduced to a whole new world of magic and her life is changed forever.

Although she tries her best, Mildred's lack of magical knowledge means that she is constantly getting things wrong, and the series follows her adventures as she strives not to be the worst witch.

She quickly makes friends with Maud and Enid and the series follows their friendship as they navigate the trials and tribulations of a new school, the intrigue, the drama and the rivalries which come in the form of Mildred’s arch enemy, Ethel Hallow.

Full of flying, magic and plenty of laughs, the show brings Jill Murphy’s books to life for a modern audience. Mildred is a bright, funny, kind and resourceful girl who - in times of danger - forces herself to face her fears, proving that she has the courage and soul of a true heroine. Move over Hermione Granger, there's a new witch in town.

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