"Risking her life": Mum called out for wanting to give birth in Disneyland 5 months ago

"Risking her life": Mum called out for wanting to give birth in Disneyland

Can't say we'd be keen on giving birth in Disneyland.

People have given birth in some pretty unusual places, but not by choice.

Many of us have delivered our babies in the car park of the hospital or the work canteen, but one place we'd never expect to crop up is Disneyland.

It's the place we associate with magical family holidays and extremely overpriced food, but not birth.

However, one mum is keen to give birth in Disneyland, but her sister is extremely worried.

She told Reddit, "My sister is expecting her first child, which is great and our family has been supporting her throughout the whole thing."

The woman said she's excited to become an aunt, but she is nervous about her sister's birth plan.

She revealed that her sister believes if you give birth in Disneyland then your child will get a free pass for life.

"She’s an avid Disney fan and one of those Disney adults are that just try to visit the park whenever she has the funds and time to."


"She's risking her life and baby just for a theme park."

Not only does she want to give birth in a Disney park, but the mum is also planning on giving her kid a Disney-inspired name.

"My sister is also interested in conspiracies and urban legends, this is where the problem comes from."

"She also wants her kid to be one of the few babies born in the park."

The woman said her sister is adamant about giving birth in Disneyland, but she thinks it is a dangerous idea.

She told her sister it was a stupid idea, but she won't listen to her.

"Why would you wanna give birth in a theme park? It’s literally full of screaming kids."

"I’m starting to feel bad but she’s also a grown adult.

"She's risking her life and baby just for a theme park."

Many people agreed that it was a dangerous idea, especially with this being her first child.

One person said if she went into labour at Disneyland the staff would send her to hospital.

Another added, "Sister seems to underestimate how miserable it is standing up—a little less walking around—at 40 weeks. My bet would be she would be ready to leave within a half-hour."

Another person pointed out: "Does she know that giving birth is dangerous and in some situations she and/or her baby might die without medical intervention?"