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20th Jun 2017

Disney’s famous duo created a magical experience for this tot

Heart-warming to watch.

Louise Carroll

Is there anything Disney can’t do?

It’s the stuff childhood memories are made of – a day at Disneyland is a day of absolute heaven for the kids. Although parents – we know it can be stressful too.

On every holiday adventure, parents worry about the safety of their children and hope they enjoy each and every aspect of the activity the holiday brings.

This video proves that you need not worry about the little ones having an excellent time at Disneyland however. A Californian charity named Olive Crest, which helps fight against child abuse while supporting children and families had an all-round epic experience on their day out.

One of the children in their care, who is deaf, had an experience created for him that will no doubt stay with him forever. It’s hard enough when Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie don’t speak your language, but onlookers were left pleasantly surprised when the famous duo began communicating through sign language.

As the little boy beamed with delight, it’s was clear that the smallest acts to some are the biggest to others. Thankfully the organisation took to sharing the beautiful video on their Facebook page for all of us to see… and cry over.

Judging from the comments, it’s even more evident how meaningful it all was to the little one as he was open to receiving a big hug from Micky and Minnie Mouse – something that those caring for him said was quite rare for him to embrace.