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21st Sep 2016

Distressed Toddler Locked Alone In Car At Night While Mum Goes Clubbing

Sophie White

Police were called by a concerned and enraged passer-by who spotted a distressed toddler locked into his mother’s car late at night.

Passing strangers were alerted to the situation when they heard the child screaming inside the locked parked car in the Swiss town of Schaffhausen.

Police were initially unable to locate the child’s parents, Metro reports.

A car mechanic was contacted by the authorities to free the hysterical toddler who had been locked up while his mother, it transpired was socialising in a nearby club.

The mother returned before the mechanic arrived and opened the car herself.

A statement released by the police department revealed that the 25-year-old mother had locked the toddler in the car while she went clubbing with colleagues.

The mother will now face charges.

One of the witnesses who could not keep his cool at the actions of the mother damaged her car in an angry outburst. The mother, according to local media then reported the individual to the police who were still at the scene and insisted he be charged for vandalising her property.