This doctor has an interesting complaint about Peppa Pig 3 years ago

This doctor has an interesting complaint about Peppa Pig

Right, so.

Anybody who's a parent will be well aware of the popularity of Peppa Pig. 

Anybody who's anybody will, to be honest - it's a fairly big deal.

However, that hasn't stopped one doctor from lodging a fairly serious complaint about the show and the way it portrays GPs.

Most notably, its representation of GP services and how it leads viewers to expect too much of their doctors.

GP, Dr Catherine Bell, has suggested that the show encourages youngsters to make inappropriate use of their GPs by attending them with minor ailments.

Writing in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), she said that the character of Dr Brown Bear is an inaccurate representation of GPs in the UK as he provides constant care to patients, makes a tonne of house calls, and can always be reached via phone.


She wrote that Dr Bear's long working hours are affecting his ability to provide adequate care for his patients.

"His disregard for confidentiality, parental consent, record keeping, and his self-prescribing indicate that the burden of demand from his patient population is affecting his health.

"He is no longer able to offer the level of service his patients have come to expect."

Alright, alright, we may be using the words "serious complaint" a tad lightly.

This is not a serious complaint, this is a mere observation and should be taken as such.

Dr Bell has a child of her own you see, so she understandably spends hours upon hours watching Peppa Pig. 

And sometimes, there simply is nothing else to do other than critically analysis what you're being forced to watch.