Dog dies after being 'eaten alive' by maggots in Dublin housing estate 3 years ago

Dog dies after being 'eaten alive' by maggots in Dublin housing estate

"The worst case of coat matting and cruelty seen in a dog for many years."

A dog has died after being "eaten alive" by maggots in a Dublin housing estate.

The DSPCA attended the young female Shih Tzu at the Lisdisfarne area of Clondalkin last week following a call from a concerned member of the public.

The dog had collapsed due to fly and maggot infestation and severe matting.

Upon arrival to the shelter, the dog was unable to move due to her deteriorated state. Vets discovered that she was infested with maggots and that open wounds and sores were present beneath her matted fur.

Urine and faeces had also embedded in the dog's fur over a number of years, causing her skin to turn black.

Vets removed the matted fur and cleaned the dog's wounds, but she passed away on Sunday.

DSPCA chief inspector Liam Kinsella has described the condition of the dog as "utterly horrific."


"The dog was not old and should have had a happy life but instead was subjected to complete neglect," he said.

"A Shih Tzu is a family pet and should be treated as one but instead this little dog was subjected to filth and dirt with probably no washing or brushing of her coat since she was a pup.

"The owner must have known the skin was infected as it way raw and bleeding, plus the presence of flies around the dog would have been evident."

Kinsella said that the dog had been "practically eaten alive by fly maggots" and that she had "suffered immense pain" before she died.

The DSPCA are now urging the dog's owner to come forward to ensure that no other animals are living in similar conditions.

Anyone with information on the dog's owner is asked to contact the inspector's line on 01 4994727 or email