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14th Jun 2018

Dog drags baby by her nappy to save her from house fire

Jade Hayden


A dog has been hailed a hero after dragging a baby “by her diaper” to save her from a house fire.

Nana Chaichanhda’s pitbull, Sasha, began barking and crying outside the door to her home before midnight on June 3.

When Chaichanhda went to go see what was wrong, she realised that her neighbour’s house was on fire and that her own home was burning too.

The mum-of-three then ran back inside to see Sasha pulling her seven-month-old daughter, Masailah, off the bed “by her diaper.”

She wrote: 

“I ran into the bedroom, where Sasha was already dragging my 7-month-old baby off the bed by her diaper.

“Thanks to Sasha we were able to get out safe and call 911. We got everyone out their homes and to safety. I owe Sasha my life and my children’s. She saved us all. She is our hero.”

Chaichanhda added that without Sasha, she and her family “probably wouldn’t have made it out.”

Her home was destroyed by the blaze, and the mother is now trying to raise funds to move somewhere else and provide food and clothes for her family – and for Sasha the dog.

Nobody was harmed in the blaze, but Chaichanhda’s neighbour’s home was also lost to the fire.

Image via GoFundMe.