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15th Apr 2018

Dogs Trust can’t find greyhounds their ‘forever home’ and the facts are heartbreaking

Olivia Hayes

OK, we’ve a little tear in our eye after this.

Dogs Trust has called on the public to adopt more greyhounds, as it’s struggling to find the dogs their forever homes.

The trust has launched a campaign, complete with some research, saying that greyhounds spend twice as long on average to find a home after they are sent to the shelter.

Unfortunately, half of greyhounds who entered Irish dog pounds in 2016 were put to sleep.

Dogs Trust don’t want any more dogs to go without a forever home, so it’s appealing to the public with this video:

I know. SOBBING.

It has also compiled a little list of facts about greyhounds that might encourage you to adopt one:

  • They have bigger hearts than other dogs
  • 98 percent of people have never had a greyhound before
  • Greyhounds usually require one or two 15-20 minute bursts of exercise and generally snooze for the rest of the day……on the sofa! There is a popular saying ‘Adopt a Greyhound, lose a sofa’ given their penchant for soft, comfortable places to slumber. However, it’s worth noting that, like all puppies, Greyhound and Lurcher puppies or ‘pointy babies’ as we affectionately know them, are full of beans and quite active.
  • Their average life expectancy is 12 years and Greyhounds are usually healthy dogs that generally don’t have inherited conditions like other breeds.