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01st Oct 2022

‘Don’t do it if you are a parent’ – paediatrician warns against viral organising hack

Trine Jensen-Burke

cleaning hack

OK, we admit it – we lust after those beautifully organised laundry rooms (and everything else) on Netflix’s Dream Home Makeover and The Home Edit.

Colour-coordinated towels, perfectly neat containers of washing powder and fabric softener, aesthetic wooden pegs for hanging delicates up to dry, it all looks so pretty we reckon we wouldn’t mind doing laundry in a room that looks like that.

However, a paediatrician has shared a video on TikTok warning against one of the latest clean-fluencer tips doing the rounds on social media these days.

After having watched another TikToker pour fabric softener into what looked like a milk jug, Dr Nicole Baldwin took to the video-sharing platform herself to share why you really should not be doing this – especially if you have children.

@drnicolebaldwin #duet with @im2organized Not sure what parent has TIME to do this – but just don’t. #childsafety #pediatrician #pediatricianreacts #drbaldwinsays ♬ original sound – im2organized

“Wait, why are we pouring fabric softener into something that looks like a drink container?” Baldwin asks in her video.

“And now we are doing it with a fun, blue laundry detergent…oh my goodness.”

The US-based paediatrician then shared her warning to parents of small children specifically.

“If you have children, please please please do not do this,” she begged.

“This is how children are accidentally poisoned because these things look so pretty and cool, and I get it, it’s beautiful – it’s very aesthetically pleasing. But dangerous! If you are a parent, please don’t do this.”

‘You put this in perspective for me’

Many parents were grateful to Baldwin for sharing this – saying they had never really understood how dangerous this could be.

“OK, I do this and I’m SO thankful you put this in perspective for me,” one person wrote.

“My child can’t climb yet, but I still won’t be doing this anymore.”

Another TikTok user said:

“I was literally going to get some things to do this but now I won’t because my toddler would 1000000% try to eat or drink it! Thank you.”

Some, on the other hand, accused the medical professional of ‘mum shaming’ with her video – and it got so bad that Baldwin had to take to TikTok again with another video, clarifying shaming was never her intent, but rather informing.

‘If you want to have these pretty things go for it,” she explained.

“But if you’re going to do this please lock these containers away where children cannot reach them. And let me just say children can climb onto a washer or dryer and grab these things. And I have seen children in the emergency department… who have accidentally ingested cleaners in this manner.”