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01st Feb 2018

Don’t Tell The Bride couple make series history for very awkward reason

Oh dear.

Keeley Ryan

In a first for the series, the couple on Don’t Tell the Bride didn’t actually tie the knot.

Viewers were introduced to Craig and his fiancée, Sofia, in this week’s episode.

Both of them had vastly different ideas of what the perfect wedding would look like, with Sofia wanting a romantic beach-style ceremony and Craig fancying an Oktoberfest wedding.

The bride-to-be was incredibly unimpressed with everything from a brewery as his choice of venue to the dress he chose for her.

When Sofia showed up for her big day. she furiously stormed off – refusing to speak to Craig, despite his pleas to talk to her.

He explained:

“She thinks I’m trying to make her look stupid.

“And I wasn’t…I was trying to make this fun. It’s not a beer festival, it’s a party.

“I’m sorry that it’s f**ked up.

“I f**ked up, I got it wrong…and I wasn’t doing anything against you, I wasn’t trying to make you look silly.”


Sofia ended up reluctantly saying she would “go through the motions”, which led to the pair unenthusiastically and awkwardly going through the marriage ceremony.

Although, as the show later revealed, they hadn’t made it legal.

A statement that aired with the end credits said:

“At the time of making this programme Craig and Sofia had decided not to make their wedding legal and were working together on their relationship,”

Needless to say, viewers at home found it extremely awkward to watch.