Families to receive double child benefit payment today 4 months ago

Families to receive double child benefit payment today

638,000 families will benefit from the payment.

Parents will receive their double child benefit payment today.

The €280 payment will help families during the cost of living crisis.

638,000 families will avail of the double payment today.

Minister for Social Protection Heather Humphreys said the once-off payment will help over 1.2 million children in Ireland.

Parents usually receive €140 per child, but Government approved a double payment in this year's budget.

Humphreys confirmed that the Double Child Benefit Payment costs a total of €170 million.

Minister Humphreys stated;


"I’m very pleased to announce that 638,000 families will receive a Double Child Benefit Payment this week.

The payment will support them during the cost of living crisis.

"This means that €280 will be paid in respect of 1.2 million children across the State."

“Child Benefit is an extremely important income support that reaches hundreds of thousands of hardworking families.

“As Minister, I’m deeply conscious of the difficulties families are facing right now in meeting their bills.

This payment is one of many lump sum payments Humphreys secured in this year's Budget.

She said it is key to help households "during this extremely challenging period.”

Parents have praised the double payment, but many middle-income families feel left behind by the government.

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