Irish teacher slated over the "inappropriate" clothes he wore to work 5 months ago

Irish teacher slated over the "inappropriate" clothes he wore to work

An Irish teacher has been called out over his inappropriate work attire.

The teacher said he felt "patronised" after the principle called a meeting over his clothing.

Writing on Reddit, the teacher said he felt like too much focus is placed on what teachers wear.

The 25-year-old male teacher said he qualified as a teacher with a first-class degree.

"I have been subbing the last few weeks in a few schools. This past week, the principal asked me for a word in his office. I was called in regarding my "inappropriate attire", was told it was "unprofessional."

The teacher was told to wear something with a collar. He was also told to remove his piercings during school time.

"It was framed as "advice", but I felt was delivered somewhat patronisingly."

The teacher explained that he was wearing black jeans, clean white Club C trainers, a plain t-shirt, and a varsity-style jacket.

He also has multiple piercings in his ear.


"I was shocked, as other schools I had been in had not raised this issue, and their members of staff did not all wear collars.

"The principal who spoke to me was male but had an all-female staff.

"I knew there were strict rules regarding dress during college teaching practices but didn't realise they'd stretch so staunchly to the workplace."

"As a parent - I don’t care what you wear if you’re a good teacher"

The teacher asked parents if there should be a stricter dress code for teachers in Ireland.

"Do parents think this clothing is unacceptable for a teacher? I know it makes no difference to my ability to work with children."

He also pointed out that what he wears doesn't affect how he connects with pupils.

Most parents agreed that what a teacher wears isn't half as important as their child's education.

One wrote, "As a parent - I don’t care what you wear if you’re a good teacher and my kids are happy in your class.

"In fact, it’s great for kids/teenagers seeing their teachers comfortable and secure in being themselves, when not fitting in with the norm."

Another added, "I think the dress code for teachers is massively outdated and verging on impractical BUT it is also very well known and publicised so can kind of see why the head spoke to you."

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