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08th Apr 2022

DSPCA appeal to the public to foster new mums and puppies

The animal welfare charity are looking for pet-free homes for pregnant dogs to give birth in.

The Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has appealed to the public for help in fostering pregnant dogs and their puppies.

In a post on Instagram, the animal welfare charity spoke about the need for “pet-free homes” to provide a safe environment for the dogs as part of their Spring Mum and Puppies Foster Appeal.

The DSPCA said: “We are looking for pet free homes to help us with fostering new moms and their puppies.

“Very often we get pregnant dogs who need special homes to go to where they can have a nice, quiet home environment away from the shelter to give birth, nurse and care for their puppies.”

Those who believe that they can offer a home for the dogs have been asked to call the DSPCA on (01) 499 4720, or to email

The spring appeal for foster parents for pregnant dogs comes just after another animal shelter — My Lovely Horse Rescue — issued an emergency appeal for dogs who were on “death row”.

In a heartbreaking post on Instagram, the shelter wrote: “14 dogs in a Midlands pound on death row. We have until Friday to save their lives… We have SO many dogs ready for their forever homes!”

Thankfully, the charity were able to place all 14 dogs in foster homes just in time.

In an update, they wrote: “THANK YOU to everyone for the help and support that you have offered us to secure the 14 dogs on death row. We will be taking the 14 out tomorrow!!!!

“Remember, these 14 dogs will soon be replaced with more so please keep your hearts and offers open so that we can save more. Please keep an eye on our posts we will keep you all updated!!!”