Dublin airport praised for initiative to assist flyers with sensory or additional needs 1 year ago

Dublin airport praised for initiative to assist flyers with sensory or additional needs

A fantastic initiative.

Dublin Airport has made great steps over the years to help accommodate those with sensory needs.

A few years ago that created a sensory room at the airport, so that those with sensory sensitivity could take a break from the over whelming chaos of the airport's lights and noises.

Now they have gone even further for passengers with sensory issues by bringing in their new 'Important Flyer' initiative.

The new Important Flyer initiative will see that any person who requires assistance can order a lanyard or a wristband for free from Dublin Airport, which they can wear as they progress through the terminals.

The lanyard can then be shown to any Dublin Airport staff member (Customer Care and Security Screening for example) if assistance is required at security, passport control or any area where someone may encounter queues or crowds.


Anyone interested in requesting an Important Flyer wristband or lanyard, must provide Dublin Airport with a short note from your GP confirming that the person in need of a lanyard has a diagnosis of autism.

You can email this to Dublin Airport at prm@daa.ie or post it to us Dublin Airport Customer Experience Department, Level 5, Terminal 1, Dublin Airport, Co. Dublin.

For information on how to request a wristband or lanyard please contact the Customer Experience department, Dublin Airport via telephone at +353 1 814 4717 / + 353 1 814 4695

At the moment, due to high demand, Dublin Airport can currently only issue wristbands or lanyards to people who have travel arrangements made.

You can find out more details on the Important Flyer lanyards and how you can apply for one on the Dublin Airport website here.