Dublin and Cork Airport release statements about cancellations and delays 3 years ago

Dublin and Cork Airport release statements about cancellations and delays

Were you supposed to fly this week?

It's safe to say the weather took a hold of the country as all shops, transport services and the airports ceased to operate.

However, now Dublin Airport has made a statement about its operations today, saying its staff is working as hard as it can to resume services.

Its website reads: "Dublin Airport is open and operational today with the first flight landing at about 5:00am this morning.

"Some airlines have cancelled services today and there may be delays to others. Please check with your airline for latest flight information before coming to Dublin Airport.

"Information regarding Aer Lingus’ schedule can be found HERE and Ryanair’s flight information can be found HERE.

"You can find a list of the Twitter contact details for airlines that operate at Dublin HERE."


Cork Airport also made a statement saying: "Cork Airport has reopened for the resumption of flights this afternoon and this evening, Saturday, 3 March.

"As a number of flights were cancelled this morning, this may have an impact on later flights. Passengers are advised to check their flight status with their airline before travel."

However, the night, in the height of the blizzard, Dublin Airport shared some eerie footage of just how bad the snow storm was throughout the grounds of the airport.

Scary stuff.

They also then shared this video of the teams working hard last night in an effort to clear the runways and taxi lanes to get the airport back up and running.