Dublin mum and her children faced with becoming homeless this Christmas 4 years ago

Dublin mum and her children faced with becoming homeless this Christmas

A Dublin mother of four is faced with becoming homeless just days before Christmas.

It is said that the mother and her children will soon be without a home due to the landlord selling the property that they are currently renting.

This comes just days after the most recent homeless rally.

The mum was asked to vacate the apartment, that she currently shares with her four young children, by September 7 but was unable to find alternative accommodation.

She has said that it has been a struggle to find another apartment to rent as many cease contact once that hear that she needs HAP (Housing Assistance Payment).


According to Dublin Live, the woman who was not named for privacy reasons, was quoted as saying;

"The children are asking me to put up the Christmas tree, but I don’t want to put it up because I don’t know when we’ll have to go."

She has been assured by her local council that she will not be turned onto the streets with her children. They did add that she will need to find some sort of temporary accommodation herself, but the mum has said she doesn't want to spend Christmas in a hotel room for her children's sake.

There have been several protests, including one over the past weekend, calling on the government to tackle the current housing crisis which effects a huge portion of the population including families, low income earners and students.

According to figures released by the Housing Department in October, there are currently 9,724 homeless people, including children, in Ireland.