Zoorassic Park is finally at Dublin Zoo and it looks spectacular 3 years ago

Zoorassic Park is finally at Dublin Zoo and it looks spectacular

We need to head to Zoorassic Park right now.

Last week we had ourselves a sneak peak of the humongous Tyrannosaurus rex named Stan - that alone had us running around excited. But now Dublin Zoo’s newest exhibition to the park has come to fruition - and it looks absolutely outstanding.

Officially opening today, our little ones will have the opportunity to see the wondrous and ferocious creatures that lived here millions of years ago, along with the reptiles today that evolved from the mysterious dinosaur era.

Zoorassic World is not only phenomenal to look at but it's hugely educational. Children have the option to learn countless fun facts about these relics and the kinds of dinosaurs they once were. There’s even a sandpit for kids to excavate some fossils as well as robot snakes, African crocodiles, a forest dragon and a life size tortoise.

Adding more of a historic touch to the new addition, though not quite as historic as the Jurassic era, is the fact that Zoorassic World is located in the newly restored Roberts House – a Victorian building which was first opened in 1902.

Director of Dublin Zoo, Leo Oosterweghel said,

Our vision was inspired by the interests of our younger visitors. Many very talented people worked on the project, from the restoration team to the dinosaur, animal and plant experts... Our goal is to inspire and educate visitors on the fascinating world of reptiles.”

We simply cannot wait to venture into the thrilling world that once was.