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01st Sep 2021

Dunnes Stores recall child’s hair product due to risk of vision loss

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Dunnes Stores has issued an urgent recall on one of its hair styling products aimed at children.

The product in question is called ‘Crystal Creations Glittering Hair Accessories’ and it is being recalled due to concerns that parts of the product could cause harm to eyes.

According to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission said the product has the potential of injury to the eyes due to contact from glue contained in the kit.

The CCPC has put out a recall statement asking those who have purchased the product to return it their nearest Dunnes Stores branch as soon as they possibly can:

“If you believe that you have one of these products then you should stop using it immediately, and return the product to your local Dunnes Stores shop for a full refund.
Customers can also contact Dunnes Stores customer service with queries at”

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission believe that the glue that comes with the ‘Crystal Creations Glittering Hair Accessories’ is dangerous because of inadequate warnings on packaging and inadequate instruction on how to use the glue applicator.

The CCPC are concerned that the glue contained in the kit could cause serious harm if it comes in contact with a child’s eyes and could even cause vision loss.

If you have bought this product and are looking to return it or have any queries regarding the product, you can contact for more information or help.