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18th Jan 2019

‘Eabha’s Story’ is a touching example of the Jack and Jill foundation’s work

Melissa Carton

Since being founded in 1997, the Jack and Jill Foundation has helped countless families.

The organisation provides home respite and nursing to sick children.

Eabha is just one of the many young children currently receiving their care and her story is incredibly touching.

Eabha was born in 2013 and had various medical complications from the start.

Now almost six Eabha is completely wheelchair bound and non-verbal. Her only way of eating is via a tube.

Little Eabha’s family weren’t sure how they would manage but luckily the Jack and Jill foundation was there to help.

Thanks to the charity Eabha can grow up at home surrounded by her siblings rather than in a hospital.

Her mum is so thankful to have the organisation’s help and really appreciates how much it helps them all as a family.

“It’s nice to be able to have a little break knowing she’s so well looked after. My other children need a time when most of my attention isn’t on Eabha. Jack and Jill have given me a quality of life that I didn’t think I was going to have. I just think that it’s an amazing service.”

If you or anyone you know are considering using home respite for a sick child you can find out more about Jack and Jill’s services on their website.