Corrie fans were all chatting about this scene last night 5 years ago

Corrie fans were all chatting about this scene last night

They don't miss much!

There are some dedicated soap fans out there and they're renowned for spotting blunders during episodes of Coronation Street, Eastenders and Emmerdale to name but a few.

The latest one came last night during Corrie when Michelle Connor went to pay for her purchases at the corner shop.

Viewers couldn't get over the fact that although Michelle only picked out some sweets, instant coffee and clingfilm with a total of fewer than five items, her bill came to £18.50, (well over €20 to put it into context).

Unsurprisingly, viewers picked up on this and questioned why she paid so much for her shopping and decided that this particular establishment was ridiculously expensive.

To be fair to Corrie fans, they never ever miss a soap fail and almost always call it out on social media, as you'll see below.


To make matters worse and again insinuate how expensive the shopping was, Michelle's card was declined.

There might be more to the storyline too for Steve, Michelle's ex, was at the till too and watched the interaction unfold.

Later in the episode, he went to his ex-wife's home and said he owed her money from their divorce settlement. Perhaps this is paving the way for a Michelle/Steve reunion...