A major character returned on tonight's Eastenders 4 years ago

A major character returned on tonight's Eastenders

'Tiffany is back'.

Tiffany Butcher returned to Eastenders during tonight's show and although many fans knew her comeback was on the horizon, they still couldn't get over how much she has changed.

When Tiffany left Albert Square (albeit a brief reappearance last year), she was in primary school so it stands to reason that viewers were a little shocked by how much she's grown up since.

Most people were delighted to see her back on the popular soap and some even likened her to her on-screen mother Bianca, played by Patsy Palmer.


The main reaction was the fact that she was back and this is sure to spell more drama over the coming weeks.


As regular viewers will know, Tiffany's sister Whitney was planning to leave the Square for a new start in Wakefield but these plans might have to change.

Tiffany says there's no ulterior motive behind her decision to visit but Whitney is of another opinion entirely.

Stay tuned because this week's remaining episodes might just reveal the real reason behind the teenager's return.