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26th Jan 2018

EastEnders fans were not impressed with Jack during last night’s episode

Jade Hayden

Is he for real?

A case of poor continuity or total insensitivity? We may never know.

Last night, everyone on EastEnders was only delighted when they found out that the Queen Vic would be able to stay open.

Thanks to the generosity of Halfway and his very expensive diamond ring, all the lads will get to keep having pints, fighting, and screaming “get out of my pub” for years to come.

To celebrate, everyone cheered, embraced, and started a conga line that made its way around the square.

It was a beautiful moment.

However, there was one person that fans thought should not have been involved in the conga line.

Jack Branning.

Mainly due to the fact that his niece, Abi, had literally died tragically about a week ago and yet, here he was, pure buzzing in the Vic.

Fair enough like.

Fans were having none of it though, and although lots of viewers were only delighted by the scene, others thought it was just a bit of a joke to see Jack dancing away as if nothing had happened.

Too much.

EastEnders will not be continuing tonight due to the FA cup.