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28th Aug 2017

Eastenders fans think they know what Max Branning is up to

What is he up to?!

Cathy Donohue

Max Branning

Is Max Branning about to be caught out?

Last week, it was revealed that a gas explosion will wreak havoc for the residents of Albert Square and now further clues have been given about what actually unfolds.

A new trailer suggests that Jane has figured out that Max is planning revenge and it seems that Max senses that she’s on to him for he then tells Steven Beale that he should “shut Jane up for good”.

This has led fans to believe that Max might kill her and if not, persuade someone else to carry out his dirty work.

The ’24 Hours’ trailer below gives viewers an idea of what happens when the Walford in Bloom event takes place.

You can see Martin Fowler shouting ‘Stacey’ in the aftermath of the explosion, it then switches and you see Billy take a swing for Phil, or it could be Max as we can only see them from the back.

Not much detail has been given about who is harmed in this storyline but Linda Carter is seen a number of times in the trailer and she is one of the characters rumoured to be caught up in the dramatic plot.

The trailer released today marks the start of a week of nail-biting episodes, airing from tonight.

Main image via Twitter: Eastenders