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02nd Oct 2018

Kim Tate’s Emmerdale return is going to be the most ridiculous thing ever

Legit, lol.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks (or just not watching Emmerdale, either or), you may not be aware that the iconic Kim Tate is returning to the Dale to cause some serious issues for all involved.

Kim will return to the Dale next week after being freed from prison after 20 years inside, but she’s not about to just settle into a quiet life on the farm.

Rather, she’s going to show up to a masquerade party and get pushed down the stairs by a mysterious masked being.

Sorry but are we watching a 1990s telenovela or?

The storyline will see Kim get herself all dolled up to crash the masquerade party which is also doubling as an auction, for some reason.

She’ll step out of a sports car in her finest royal blue and everybody will be super shocked to hear that she is apparently the true owner of Dale Farm.

Harrowing news for all in attendance.

A while later once everyone has settled down, Kim goes upstairs only to be pushed right back down them by an unknown assailant.

There’s a blood curdling scream and Kim plunges right into the champagne fountain below (yes, we swear, this is actually what is going to happen.)

Worth watching for the sheer ridiculousness alone, tbh.